Premier Oil Pakistan Holdings BV (POPH)  

Premier Oil Pakistan Holdings BV (POPH) is a subsidiary of Premier Oil plc, a leading UK FTSE 250 independent E & P company, with oil and gas interests in Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Middle East, The North Sea and West Africa. Its global production in 2010 was around 43,000 boepd (barrels of oil equivalent per day). Premier Oil Pakistan’s equity share of production in 2010 was about 16,000 boepd, from its Joint Ventures in the following fields:

ZamzamaGas Field operated by BHP ;Qadirpur Gas Field operated by OGDCL ; Bhit / Badhra Gas Fields operated by ENI ; Kadanwari Gas Field operated by ENI.

Capital Development Authority (CDA)  

Major Objectives of Capital Development Authority (CDA) are:

  • City Maintenance.
  • Citizens Satisfaction.
  • Availability of indispensable necessities.
  • Further expansion of city with the passage of time, making amendments to meet requirements of that time.
  • To keep city and its environment clean.
  • Acquire land and undertake works in "Specified Area".
  • Planning and execution of development schemes.
  • Procure plants machinery instruments and materials
  • Enter into contracts.
  • Carry out studies, surveys and research.

Himalayan Wildlife Foundation (HWF)  

The Himalayan Wildlife Foundation (HWF) was instituted in 1993 in Islamabad, Pakistan, with the aim of protecting and managing the country’s natural resources and cultural/built heritage. HWF was registered with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)as a non-profit Guarantee Limited company licensed under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984, with a Board of Directors of ten highly esteemed and professional persons.
Recognising the importance of restoring the balance between sustainable development and environment, the HWF works towards empowering local communities by transforming attitudes towards conservation. The various projects supported by the organisation encourage communities to assume ownership of and responsibility for their natural resources and built heritage; help develop the skills required to understand and manage their environment; and augment government capacity to facilitate local conservation efforts. The main objectives of the organization are;

  • Development and promotion of public interest in natural environment, ecology, wildlife, heritage and culture of Pakistan.
  • Establishment of model environmental and heritage preservation areas in country for demonstration and educational purposes.
  • Promotion of conservation of wildlife and heritage sites by raising funds and using them for conservation purposes.
  • Providing assistant to Government and non-Government agencies and individuals in their conservation efforts.
  • Creating of public awareness, holding of seminars/workshops on issues related to wildlife conservation.
  • Provision of basic necessities of life to people settled in remote areas, such as drinking water, medical relief and drainage infrastructure.
    Based at Islamabad, the company has a staff strength of over fifty persons working primarily for the conservation of Wildlife, nature and Heritage resources of the country.

The basic projects that HWF undertakes are heritage conservation like conservation and restoration projects at Rohtas Fort and at Ramkot Fort and nature, biodiversity and wildlife Conservation projects. Community development, poverty alleviation and community uplift projects are undertaken in areas of operations so as to support the basic conservation objectives.